Captain Responsabilities

  • Please note that as team captain/contact you will be responsible for ensuring that all payments, uniforms and administrative requirements are adhered to.

  • Your team will need to referee delegated games (approx 8) during the season.

  • Only sides that can referee other games will be allowed to enter the competition!

  • We will require a referee from your team and we will pair them with an experienced badged referee.

  • We prefer teams to have one or two referees to carry out your team ref duties, not 8 people doing a game each.

  • Good reffing requires people doing it on a regular basis – if you cannot do this, then don’t bother entering!

  • For teams that need to educate players to become a qualified referee we will be holding a referee course at the start of the season (date to be notified later)

  • If you have a player that is going to carry out your teams reffing duties we suggest that all the other team members kick in a bit more money to cover their fees – seems only fair & remember, without a team ref the rest don’t get to play!

Club Rules

All rules laid down by Touch Football Australia (T.F.A.) will be enforced(currently Playing Rules and Referees Signals 7th edition). In addition, R.T.A. wishes to advise that the following rules will apply:

  1. All players must wear uniform shirts, colours to be approved by R.T.A. after week three. Shirts must have 200mm numbers on the back. Players not in uniform will not be allowed onto the field.

  2. Anyone under the influence of alcohol or drugs will not be permitted to play. Failure to comply will see their team forfeit their game.

  3. Teams will lose points for team sheets incorrectly or not completed.

  4. Teams must register all players from week one onwards of the competition. Teams will lose points for playing unregistered players. Further breaches may incur suspensions, with no refund of any fees paid. Please note: only registered players are covered by insurance.

  5. All players must wear footwear including socks. No metal sprigs permitted. No jewellery should be worn and fingernails must be short or taped.

  6. Duration of games will be 2 x 20-minute halves (winter 2 x 17) No extra time allowed for any reason, except for a “drop off” in finals.

  7. Teams must have 4 players to start and finish a game. Teams with less than 4 players, 5 minutes after the scheduled start time will forfeit. In accordance with the T.F.A. rules, teams may only utilize 14 players in any one game. 6 players per side on the pitch, 3 men (max.) and 3 women.

  8. Players registered with a team must stay with that team for the entire season. Applications to transfer will require a written application to R.T.A..

  9. Any team recording two consecutive forfeits will be deemed to be out of the competition.

  10. Points will be allocated as follows : WIN = 3 points LOSS = 1 point DRAW = 2 points BYE = 2 points FORFEIT: 0 points (if administrator is notified 24 hours prior to game time) FORFIET: -3 points (if no notice).

  11. All players must play a minimum of four competition games to qualify to play in the finals.

  12. No unnecessary physical contact, abusive or intimidating language/behaviour will be tolerated. Severe penalties will be incurred.

  13. The referee is the sole judge of time and fact during the game. Players should be aware that the referee has the option to:

    1. Penalize a player at any time

    2. Send a player to the sin bin for a period of time

    3. Ask a captain to substitute a player for the remainder of a game

    4. Send a player from the field for any time period that he/she sees fit. Automatic 2 week (min.) suspension.

  14. Players are not permitted to stop the game for any reason except injuries. Penalties can apply.

  15. Any penalties should be accepted without question when incurred. Any complaints or inquiries of the referee should be made at half or full time.

  16. Any comments or complaints regarding referees should be written on the team sheet and/or reported to the Referee Director.

  17. R.T.A. Committee will decide all disputes. Only disputes in writing will be dealt with.

  18. R.T.A. reserves the right to suspend or expel any player or team from the competition for contravention of the competition rules or disorderly conduct. In this event no fees will be refunded.

  19. Teams remaining unfinancial after week three will not be permitted to play. No points will be awarded until that team is financial. Points will resume, but not be backdated once all monies are paid. Deposits will not be refunded.

  20. R.T.A. is an affiliated member of Touch FootballAustralia. All financial players in the R.T.A. competition are covered by Touch Football Australia’s compulsory insurance.

  21. Any injuries to players are to be recorded on the team sheet, in order to be eligible for an insurance claim.

  22. All teams are to carry out refereeing duties as requested by the club. Failure to do so will result in fines, forced forfeits and possible suspension.

  23. Team referees are to wear aT.F.A. referee shirt or a plain white shirt. Please supply your own whistle.

Official Touch Rules