The Dream Team

Refereeing at Rosalie Touch Association is well-known for its consistent support of referees, its fun and friendly atmosphere and great social scene. Affectionately referred to as ‘The DreamTeam’, our referee body has created many lasting friendships, relationships and even families over the years.  In addition to coaching and development, our focus is on creating strong social values and making refereeing something to enjoy rather than endure.

The DreamTeam is supported by a zero-tolerance policy to referee abuse, which is upheld by a passionate and hard-working Administrator, Referee Director and Committee all of whom have refereeing experience and understand the challenges of refereeing.  This has been critical to improved referee numbers which has seen the club expand from 40 teams in 2011 to 50 teams in 2014.  It has also contributed to more competitive rep teams at the State Level, with Rosalie winning the title of overall 2014 State Championships Affiliate.

Every game at Rosalie is refereed by two people: a qualified / badged referee, and a ‘delegate’ referee.  The ‘delegate’ referee system means every team must supply a duty ref to assist the badged referee, usually around 6-8 times a year.  And yes, delegate refs ARE required to take the field – not just run the sideline.  We offer basic ‘delegate ref’ courses each season, (in addition to formal accredited courses offered by the State governing body), and where possible, provide sideline support by qualified coaches.

Like any sport, our referee numbers endure ebbs and flows. Since a slump in 2011, we are now enjoying healthy ref numbers thanks to the following incentives:

  • New ‘local’ ref uniforms

  • Monthly prizes

  • Weekly post-game social session with catering

  • Pay increases – Level 1: $20; Level 2: $22; Level 3: $24; Level 4: $26; Level 5: $28; Level 6: $30

  • More coaching and development opportunities

Below are some referee testimonials, and no, they weren’t bribed!  Ok, one of them might have been written by the Ref Director’s partner… For more information, or to be a part of ‘The DreamTeam’ please contact us below. We look forward to hearing from you!


“Refereeing at Rosalie is like refereeing utopia. It has the perfect balance of structure – in the form of well marked fields, game times and a committee that is behind the referee director who is totally behind the referees with advice, support, coaching, incentives and rewards – with friendly ambience and a fun, social culture that long time folk and newbies alike can embrace and be made to feel welcome.” 

- Justin Parsons
Level 6, refereeing at Rosalie since 2005